Synchronize your Slack channels & chats with WordPress!

WP SlackSync makes it easy for Slack users to synchronize their Slack channels and chats to their WordPress blog or site. It is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use plug-in to make sure Slack users get real-time communication updates from their team.

Installation and Configuration

1. Download the plugin here.

2. Add the plugin to your site by uploading it. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Once is uploaded, click Install Now.




3. It should automatically unpack and install. After the prompt that the plugin has installed successfully, choose Activate Plugin.

Activate WPSlackSync plugin

4. After activation, go to the Settings menu, and go to WP SlackSync.


5. First enter the license key from your purchase receipt. With a valid license updates will not be shown in the plugin center. As a next step, to fill in the ‘App Client ID’ and ‘App Client secret’ it is necessary to create an App for this in integration first. By clicking on the ‘Slack New Application’ link, you will be redirected to the website of slack ( then go to ‘My Apps’ where you can create your new app.


6. In the SlackAPI site, click on Create an App.

7. Fill in your app name and select the Slack team you want to synchronize the chat with. Then click Create App.

8. Navigate to Oauth & Permissions and enter your site domain name into the Redirect URLs field and click Add.

9. Navigate to Basic Information, Copy the Client ID and the Client Secret generated by Slack and paste these in the WP SlackSync settings in your WordPress site. To view the client secret, click Show.

10. Click on Token Generator or go to and click Create Token. Copy the generated token to the Team Test Token field.

Slack Create New Token

11. To verify your team test token, go to the Team Details tag of the WP SlackSync settings. The Domain and ID should be filled. If not, click the Auto Fill button.


12. Fill in the details under the Display tab. This will require the Team name that your members/users will see on your site. Click Save Changes.


13. Add it to your WP page by using the shortcode [wpslacksync]

Add WPSlackSync shortcode WordPress

To limit the Slack channels that are available through the WP SlackSync chat, the allowed_channels shortcode parameter can be used. Channel names are separated by space and written without the leading ‘#’.

[wpslacksync allowed_channels="random general"]

Using the default_channel shortcode parameter, the channel that is selected when opening the page can be specified.

[wpslacksync default_channel=”random”]

To hide the file upload button use the no_file_upload shortcode parameter.


[wpslacksync no_file_upload="true"]